• <span>CCC certifikacation</span>express deadlines, certificate in 4 weeks

    CCC certifikacationexpress deadlines, certificate in 4 weeks

  • preparation of documents

  • product testing in China

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  • CCC certification

    Enter the Chinese market, we will assist you to obtain the required certification

    Based on our experience and a very good relationship with Chinese certification bodies we will arrange the CCC certification of your products, which is a prerequisite for the entry of manufacturers into the Chinese market. We will prepare the documentation and applications for the Chinese authorities, we will organize and accelerate the necessary laboratory testing and product certification in China, we will ensure the smooth audit of your company by Chinese auditors (Factory Inspection) and after the CCC certificate will be issued we will apply for the printing permission for the CCC mark. We provide full service but we can also help only with certain steps in the process of CCC certification. We operate in all countries in Europe.

Why ChinaCert

Together with our office in China and Canada we are able to cover the customer demands and requirements across almost whole world. We have in our team also native speakers with expert knowledge of CCC. Thanks to an office in Shanghai, China, we can effectively communicate with the certification body CQC and CCAP and respond flexibly to customer requirements.

We are experts in the area of CCC certification and quality management with years of experience. We always prepare a customized solution, provide an information service about changes in the process of CCC certification and CCC requirements. In addition to Chinese and English we communicate well in German and Czech.

About CCC certification

China Compulsory Certification (CCC)
Mandatory certification for a number of products imported on the Chinese market in order to obtain a certificate of product safety. The certification process takes usually 6-18 months if using own resources, with our support you can obtain the certificate within 4-6 months. Missing certification or failures in CCC process can result in penalties and detention of imported goods at the border of China.

How to obtain CCC certificate
The certificate and the printing permission of CCC mark can be issued based on result of product testing (Type Test) and based on audit in manufacturing plant (Factory Inspection).

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